How To Make Che Thai

How To Make Che Thai

Now, this post has absolutely NOTHING to do with disney. At all. So you may be thinking why am I posting this on my English blog? Well, for my English final, we didn’t have to take a huge test that impacts our grades. We didn’t have to do a big project that’s so embarrassing to carry to school.
Instead, we had to do a presentation on what we thought was either the best or worst thing. I chose che thai. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a Vietnamese dessert that is a version of a Thailand desert with fruits in it instead of nuts like the Thai version.
Che thai is the best dessert to make, in my opinion, because it’s simple, and pretty cheap to make.
The steps to making this delicious treat:
1. Buy canned fruits (logan, jackfruit, coconut jelly)
2. Buy half and half milk
3. Have a huge mixing bowl
4. Save the sugar from the canned fruits in a different bowl
5. Dump all the fruits in
6. Cut all the big pieces of fruit
7. Mix the half and half milk with the sugar that you saved into the big bowl and add a little of each to your taste!
8. Voila! Che Thai!

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