Underground Tunnels? That’s cool.



     At Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, there’s a series of underground tunnels under all the attractions that stretches throughout the entire park. Walt Disney had these tunnels built so that employees and characters can get to their assigned location at the park quickly and on time without being seen in other lands. Walt had noticed this after Disneyland was built, when he saw an astronaut walking through Fantasyland, and a cowboy walking through Tomorrowland. He hadn’t wanted to ruin any children’s fantasy, so when he decided to build Walt Disney World Resort, he wanted to build these tunnels before any of the attractions went up.

     Next time you go to Walt Disney World, see if you can feel the incline as you go through the park. When you enter, you’re already walking on one story of “air”, and at a certain point you will end up 3 stories above air. See if you can feel it!


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