What is your spot?

Cruella5Have you ever heard the term “You are one in a million”? How about stopped and realized that there are nearly 7 Billion people on this earth meaning there are 7,000 people that are just like you when people use this term. Yet I beg to differ.

The 101 Dalmatians probably struggle with uniqueness, just like us. They area all about he same size, white with black spots, similar faces, and even sound alike. But, are they unique? The answer is yes, even though they are similar in nearly every way, they each have their own spots. Just like finger prints, no two of their patterns are identical, with various shapes and sized these black spots give each Dalmatian an identity. All 7 billion people on this planet are unique (and no, not just through their fingerprints). Regardless, of whether or not you think do, we all have distinct personalities, thoughts, and actions. Most importantly, as much as you want to deny it, you have a special talent that the other 7 billion could not compare. You have your own spots.

The only trouble is finding your own spots. What makes you unique and what can you do that no one else can?



2 thoughts on “What is your spot?

  1. This is a good question,
    And I must ask you the same thing;
    What makes -you- unique?
    What do you have that makes you happy, and proud to be who you are?
    Write on, my friend~ 🙂

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