Human Skeletons at Disneyland?!


            388386856_c88e2f53c6 I’m pretty sure we’ve all ridden this famous ride before. I mean, honestly, who has been to Disneyland and not ridden this ride?

If you’ve seen this movie, which has the amazing Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Geoffrey Rush, and Kevin McNally, then you know that it involves pirates. I mean, the title says it all right?

When we think of pirates, we associate it will looting other boats, skeletons, and treasure. Am I right? I honestly don’t know. It’s what I think of, anyways.

When this ride first opened, real human skeletons were used. REAL ACTUAL HUMAN SKELETONS WERE USED ON THE RIDE. SAY WHATTT???

Yes, you read that right. When Pirates of the Caribbean first opened, there were real live human skeletons where you normally see the skeletons. Eventually, Disney did replace all the human skeletons…except for one. Nearing the end of the ride, you see the captain’s headquarters. It’s really just a skeleton surrounded by “treasure”. What you don’t know, is that the skull and crossbones located over the bed in the Captain’s Quarters…are the only human skeletons left on that ride. Next time you go, you should look for it!



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