The Classic Question

Glass 2

What do you see, a glass that is half empty or half full? The simple question carries great wait basically testing your outlook on life. If you saw the glass of water as half full then your a optimist, if you saw the glass as half empty then your a pessimist. However, no matter how tragic a situation may be the glass is ALWAYS half full.

Glass 3

No person in the wide array of Disney characters  no how to be positive better than Mary Poppins. A magical nanny come to help bring a distant family closer. Being a Nanny she makes sure the children do their chores, eat their meals, and have fun. In one scene she describes than even the worst situations like cleaning your room can have a positive aspect. For example, cleaning your room when done with some music and friends won’t be terrible, or taking medicine can be relieved with a spoon full of sugar. “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun,” with this quote from the classic song “A Spoon Full of Sugar” we can see that Mary Poppins is an optimist, she sees the glass ALWAYS as half full.

Moral: As you go through life make sure that your glass is always half full, and look for the element of fun.



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