Disney Animation: Record 402 movies?

Walt-Disney-Screencaps-The-Walt-Disney-Logo-walt-disney-characters-31872968-2560-1440So today in class, we had to make a power point presentation in under ten minutes and it reminded me of how fast Disney Animation comes out with their movies. Now, I know that these movies take years to plan and write a script, do all that movie stuff, etc, etc.

But when Disney is done with all their planning, their movies come out in under two years! They’re also consecutive movies too!

By consecutive, I mean how Disney movies come out one after another. For example, Pinocchio came out on February 7th, 1940, and Fantasia came out less than a year later on November 13, 1940. Most times it takes Disney one year to release each movie but I’ve found quite a few times where Disney releases more than one movie a year.

But then I realized…it took them 10 YEARS to make Toy Story 3! WHAT. IS. THIS.

So, in the 1930’s, Disney released one movie.
In the 1940’s, Disney released 14 movies.
In the 1950’s, DIsney released 29 movies.
In the 1960’s, Disney released 51 movies.
In the 1970’s, Disney released 49 movies.
In the 1980’s, Disney released 28 movies.
In the 1990’s, Disney released 67 movies.
In the 2000’s, Disney released 89 movies.
In the 2010’s, Disney released 33 movies, with 41 in progress!

Now, if I’m counting correctly, that’s 402 MOVIES! *I have also counted those that are NOT Disney Classics, as you probably have thought by now that there aren’t that many classics. If my numbers are a little off, my apologies.


6 thoughts on “Disney Animation: Record 402 movies?

  1. This is including Pixar movies, right? Also, if you could explain to me the whole Pixar vs. Disney movie thing, that would be good because it confuses me.

    • Yes, the 402 movies does include the Disney Pixar Animation movies. The Pixar vs. Disney thing is very confusing, yes. But if this clears any questions, the Walt Disney Company bought Pixar in 2006.

    • I saw that!! I was really shocked that I didn’t figure it out earlier!! I mean, Andy wears a red hat, Jessie’s original owner wore a red hat, I CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T IT OUT SOONER!!

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