Hoosiers Vs. AirBud

hdemvjqqt6sewhdwcvtac13eq9hA few weeks ago in English we watched a film called “Hoosiers” in English. You’ve probably heard of it if you’re a fan of sports. I decided to try to make a movie about sports, determination, and the fight against all odds somehow relate to Disney. Then I remembered: the Disney movie Air Bud, a movie produced in 1997 about a twelve year old boy wanting to try out for his middle school’s basketball team. Basketball. One of the many things these two movies have in common.

Determination. The one thing that got the team in Hoosiers back on their feet after a losing streak, and what helps Josh Framm in Air Bud get custody of Buddy. I think that determination did play a big factor in both movies.

Love. The only reason that Josh gets custody of Buddy in Air Bud is because of the love the two have for each other. In Hoosiers, it seems like love is what kept the team together, whether it was the love of basketball or the love for each other, even though the team was all misfits.


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