Holiday Facts Galore!

Happy December everyone!!

To start off the last month of  2013, I decided to make this post about the Holidays at Disneyland. Truth be told, some of you probably already know these facts, but who knows, you might learn a new one!

The first Christmas tree in Disneyland was 1955, when Walt Disney placed it at the hub of the park. Every tree since that year has been real until 2008. In 2008, it was the first time in 53 years that the crowd favorite Christmas tree on Main Street U.S.A was artificial. That artificial tree is still in use today, 2013.

That tree is about 60 feet tall and its foundation starts five feet below ground. The star on top of the tree is 42 inches tall. (Imagine how heavy it must be!) There are 1,200 large branches on the fake tree, 2,000 ornaments, 4,800 LED lights, and 70,000 lights total. For one tree? And it takes 120 days to make the new Christmas tree for the next year. I would not want to work there during the holidays…

There are 3-4 days needed to decorate Main Street, 2-3 days for each land, each land needing 50 cast members. There are 10,000 to 15,000 Christmas light bulbs used to decorate Main Street. In New Orleans Square, the holiday decorations take five nights to complete, each night needing 25 cast members.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle needs 20,00 pounds of  “snow” and nine nights to complete the makeover.  There are 64,000 energy-efficient LED lights used on the castle to make it sparkle at night, and 1,200 strobe lights are added to the effects during Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle show. The show uses 200,000 points of light, and 2,600 individual circuits are used at the show. There are 85,000 individual wiring connections used to make the show work.

psst.. also, there are 8,000 feet of decorated holiday garland installed throughout the resort!!



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