Aladdin’s Other Ending


The above shows the depicts the ending to Aladdin, where the poor, thieving street-rat falls in loves with a richer harder to attain woman and eventually wins her over.  Yet, what could have happened to Aladdin if she rejected him. Well, a possible solution to that can be see in The Tale of Two Cities between a Sydney Carton and a Lucie Manette. Carton a man with many personal problems (like being a drunk) expresses his love, laying it all out like Aladdin. Yet, despite his best effort Lucie Manette marries another man, leaving Carton back to drinking. Her we could have seen Aladdin choices if denied by the princess, relapse back to a peasant like carton relapsed or live alone for the rest of his life (his one and only is married) like Carton. We can draw possible outcomes that align themselves from sources like The Tale of Two Cites.



One thought on “Aladdin’s Other Ending

  1. That’s such an interesting comparison because it fits in really well with A Tale of Two Cities if Aladdin hadn’t ended up with Jasmine, good reframe

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