The Effects of Media on Disney

The Effects of Media on Disney

In English this past week, my English teacher had us all create a Twitter account for a project and live chats that we may be interested in. I decided to write about how media, whether social media or not, can have a big impact on how popular something gets. I believe that the Disney company did get popular on its own, but media has helped a lot.
The Walt Disney Company has been founded since 1923, but it is only in the recent years that it has been successful. It is known, after all, that after one of his films, Walt Disney went bankrupt, so he went to join his brother at his company.

Nowadays, the company has a variety of different media networks. They’re all very popular, so it is highly possible that you’ve already watched a few shows from one of the networks.

The Media Networks that the Walt Disney Company owns are:
~Disney/ABC Television Group
~ABC Entertainment
~ABC News
~ABC Owned Television Stations Group
~ABC Family
~Disney Channels Worldwide
and that’s not including the Walt Disney Studios!

Imagine, if there wasn’t so many Disney-related channels that bring our attention to Disney, would we all be as willing to go( in some cases, thousands of miles) that far to a park? Probably not. Some of you will, but it’s highly doubtful that you would want to travel across the world(if you’re from another country) to go to a theme park.


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