We all have Roots.

As a person, father, mother, son, daughter we all have a family tree and we all have roots (whether or not they are apparent). For example let’s look a Disney’s Rapunzel and Tale of Two Cities Charles Darnay.


In this Movie Rapunzel is snatched from her family, a King and Queen who love her dearly, by an evil woman. Rapunzel unaware of her real parents lives her life suffering at the hands of her adopted mother. Eventually from an inkling and and yearning for a better life, with the help of friends, finds her real parents, her real roots. She joins her “new” family and leaves her wretched old life.


In the Tale of Two Cities, Charles Darnay leaves his nobility background to become a moderate citizen as a teacher. He enjoys leaving all of the wrong the noble and rich have done. Yet, this horrible act by his terrible rich background comeback to haunt. For no matter how he tries to run from his roots he still has them.

In general whether your an orphan, adopted, have two parents, one parent, ancestors you’ll always have your roots, whether you know you have them or not,  they will always be part of you and affect you in numerous ways and as seen in Rapunzel and Charles.



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