Carnation Cafe

Carnation Cafe

Continuing that post a few weeks back where I was talking about brain fuel, another fact that I was initially shocked to find out is actually about Carnation Corner Café that is on Main Street.

When you first walk into Disneyland towards the castle, you see on these stores and restaurants on the side that you ignore. Now the next time you walk through on Main Street, try to find the red and white striped decorated restaurant that for some reason, has a piano. That reason is a man named Rod Miller.

Rod Miller is the amazingly talented piano player whom you may see on Wednesdays through Sundays, and he has been playing the piano in Disneyland for twenty-seven years, with his own CD called “Rag Time.” If you asked politely, Rod might just let you play the piano there.

It is also said that the flags on Main Street can tell you whether it will rain or not. If the flags are pointing towards the castle, it will rain. It’s not scientifically possible, but anyone who has noticed the flags pointing has said that it rained exactly one hour later! Maybe this myth isn’t such a myth…?



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