Are they Similar?

This week a new movie (in a sense) was shown to me, “Hoosiers” (1986). Although It’s not Disney it’s characteristics of those are incredibly similar, for example Ariel. But, Are they Similar?


For those that don’t know here is a crash course on the movie:

  • Many disappointing losses and hours at practice. (Begins With Suffering)
  • Redemption for spotty coach, and old drunk who loves the game, and an orphan teen with amazing talent. (Unlikely friends aid in their Dream)
  • Small-town Indiana basketball team makes it to state-finals, who win by one shot beating their rival. (Achieve their Dream, and defeats enemy)

Ariel PM


Crash Course of Ariel:

  • Many sad and depressing days stuck in the ocean. (Begins with Suffering)
  • Redemption for an overprotective father, an old bothersome crab, and an amazingly determined mermaid. (Unlike friends aid in their Dream)
  • Ariel gains her dream of becoming Human, defeating the evil sea hag. (Achieves dream while defeating her enemy)

My point being that even when you have seemingly different plots, and characters there are always similarities you can draw. So in a way not only are these Movies similar ALL things have something in common with one-another. Whether your comparing black and white, or apples and oranges, you can say that they are both colors and both are fruits, regardless of apparent differences.


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