What If…?


If you are someone  like me always have your mind wander and frequently catching yourself daydreaming, you’ve probably experienced a “What if…” From the most silly situation to one that could save the world What if Questions are always nagging us in the back of our head. What if Cinderella was the favorite, What if the shoe didn’t fit, and what if the fairy-godmother helped the ugly stepsisters ( a COMPLETELY different story). The number of What if Questions are limitless, yet what purpose do they serve. What if’s are completely useless in one aspect and helpful in another. What if’s are useless in events that have already happened such as, “What if I didn’t fail my test?” This event has already happened and can’t be changed, the only purpose the question serves is to cause you more angst. On the other hand What If’s can help to better the future with innovation and advancement creating spurs of new ideas. What if’s can cause us to doubt our past , but help us to advance our future, What will you use them for?


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