Do you ever get those random moments in life where you just randomly remember something that you heard or saw ages ago? It happened to me last week during my English class when we were fueling our brain with “brain fuel” (as I had mentioned on last week’s post), when I remembered something.

I remembered that October 16th is the anniversary of the Walt Disney Company, of which this year happened to be the 90th. This week I decided to post about that anniversary.

The Walt Disney Company, more commonly known as Disney, was founded by Walt and Roy Disney, originally called the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio before changing to its current name in 1986. The Walt Disney company has come so far since its founding in 1923. It was only five years later that one of the earlier and well-known cartoons was created: Mickey Mouse. Now, Disney currently owns 14 theme parks worldwide, a successful music division, and many different cable networks, one, for example, that you probably have heard of sometime in your childhood: Disney Channel.


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