Expanding on Pinocchio

Despite Pinocchio’s harmless exterior, deeper meaning can be found in the most frivolous things. (Yes even Pinocchio!) In fact Pinocchio’s story was told once more in an even older tale from Sophocles, Oedipus.  The story of Pinocchio is how a puppet’s deception and his lying prevent him from making proper choices, eventually leading to him becoming an ass (literally). Yet despite his improper decisions all ends well for him when he becomes “real boy.” Similarly Oedipus Rex’s being lied to and his deception result in him becoming a fool, a blind, and an exile. Likewise all ends well with Oedipus when he also receives his final wish to be buried properly in a foreign land. Both characters struggles with lies and lead to their downfalls and rises. From well developed and sophisticated plays to a childhood cartoon these works of literature can reveal hardships with the truth and lies.


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