Firehouse Facts!

 disneyland fire dept

As one of my high school English teachers has said, thinking is like fueling your brain with brain fuel. So I was thinking today about some facts about Disneyland that some of you might not know about. Here’s one that I personally think is pretty interesting:
Did you know that the firehouse on Main Street is an actual apartment? No? Well, when the park was being constructed, Walt Disney wanted to keep an eye on the activity. So then the apartment was created. It was just the perfect place for Walt to do his work. The apartment was small, but it was completely operational and everything inside it worked. There is a small bathroom with a shower and a kitchen unit. It also features a patio, in which Lillian Disney (Walt’s wife!) used to entertain guests. Most of the original furniture is gone now, but Disney designers have tried to get the new furniture as close to the original look as possible.
Back in the day, when Walt was in the firehouse, he turned the lantern in the front window facing Main Street on, so that everyone knew he was in there. Now, in memory of his death, that same lantern has always been left on, unless, in the rare event that there is a Disney family member attending the park, or if the apartment is in use by special guests.


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