Mulan Double Faced?

A mind-boggling topic was brought to me these past few days involving what are refered to as “unknown, unknowns.” Most of us are use to the commonly used questions to things we don’t know, and we understand that we do not know these things. However, what about all of the thing that are unknown to us and then have things we don’t know. For example, (for those of you have seen Mulan) Shang and his army have Mulan among them, but with an alternate identity, Ping.  From Shang’s point of view it is  unknown the Ping is actually female, Mulan and then it is additionally unknown to him why she is there, or How, or When. Thus, Mulan has unknown, unknowns. (I know its confusing but think on it, you’ll get there!) Regardless, of what we know of a person (like Mulan) each person has their own other side with their own unknown, unknowns.


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