Disney Dudez

This next post is going to be a song called “Disney Dudez” by Todrick Hall and an up and coming band, IM5. I am in love with all their voices and how they harmonize every song in this amazing mashup of different Disney songs.

I think it’s really amazing how they put Disney lyrics from different to movies to the music of an oldie like “My Girl”, making the song sound very different than how the original sounded. When I heard the melody of “What Makes You Beautiful”, from One Direction, I thought, “One Direction? Really?”, but it turns out to be such a good background song that it makes you listen to that part on repeat.
I also love how the boys of IM5 dressed up as both the Disney princesses, AND the princes. It adds a sense of comedy to the video, seeing something you never thought you would see: five teen boys wearing dresses. There is also some comedy added when Todrick walks in dressed as a janitor saying, “your girlfriends just dumped you. Time to start a boy band”. My favorite part in this video is….The whole video actually! It’s too amazing for me to pick a favorite part….what’s your’s?


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